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Coloured Contact Lenses

Our natural eye colour doesn’t have to stay since you can buy non-prescription coloured contact lenses. It’s never been easier to make your eyes look great. Our favourite part of the nature of lenses is that they last for 90days, which is long enough to give them a good wear but short enough to be able to try something new! If you love experimenting too it’s perfect you can try a new colour every few months, keep it fresh. If you dye your hair it’s not uncommon for your eyes to not match your hair colour. For example if you have blonde hair you will look best with blue eyes due to the style; the same applies to many other hair colours.

Fashion Contact Lenses

Fashion lenses can make a big difference to your appearance. We all like to try new things: hair, make-up, clothes, no matter if we are male or female. Looking in the mirror every morning and seeing the same coloured eyes can, well get a bit boring! Spicing up your eyes is much better, natural violet eyes for example is a bit different but gorgeous. Don't get thinking though that these lenses are only for beauty and fashion wear, oh no. Lenses can be worn for loads of occasions due to different lens styles eyes; lenses are perfect for: Halloween, clubbing, party, stag/hen nights, movie and many more occasions. Some of the new cool ones such as the terminator lenses are perfect for costumes. The fact that lenses are non-prescription is great because then everyone can enjoy them. Even if you have glasses you can put non prescription contact lenses underneith. They always use to be for only those who had bad eye sight but now that's not the case. This makes lenses perfect for anyone; however it is not advisable for those under the age of 16. Lenses are great fun and can make a small change that has a big impact on your appearance.

Halloween Coloured Contact Lenses

Halloween is an exciting but spooky time of the year that we all love. Maybe it’s a party, taking children trickle treating or dressing up it’s always an enjoyable day and more so evening. Every year we make brilliant costumes as: devils, ghosts, vampires, dragons, ghouls, cats and many other brilliant characters. The best part is when everyone makes a real effort to get a great costume; it’s always a brilliant start to a great evening. Although costumes are great on there own they can be taken to another level by using coloured contact lenses. You would be amazed at how much of a difference having Halloween contact lenses makes. The costume becomes brilliant opposed to average; you can’t have a devil with blue eyes can you? The first thing people often look at is eyes, eyes make or break a costume, and having contact lenses for Halloween is so vital. Halloween coloured contact lenses are the vital accessory this Halloween, if you’re not wearing them someone else will be and you are missing out on a look enhancer.

Celebrity Colour Contact Lenses

Loads of celebrities wear coloured contact lenses to enhance their eyes on the red carpet or even for general wear. Those spotted wearing lenses include: Lady Gaga, Paris Hilton, Katy Perry (in some of her music videos) and Angelina Jolie (in some of her films) to name a few. Coloured lenses are becoming more and more popular with celebrities and are very popular on the catwalk. Wearing lenses can make you too look like a celebrity. It's amazing what a small eye accessory can do. It's not difficult to get the celebrity look particular with our . If you're dressing up as a celebrity of a party why not make your eyes the same colour as there's to make you costume really fantastic. Clubbing Coloured Contact Lenses Out clubbing? Why not make an impact? Clubbing lenses are brilliant for standing out and making an impression.

UV Colour Contact Lenses

This range of lenses really cool, drawing attention in a club. You will be asked about your UV lenses no doubt and they really complete the glowing clubbing look. A SwapEyes.co.uk Team favourite. are also perfect for clubbing and parties due to there freaky style. They use a mix of strong colours and are brilliant addition to costumes as well as for general party wear. These lenses are especially affective if a group of you turn up with them on; it's always good fun. Fashion Coloured Contact Lenses Our fashion contact lenses are the perfect accessory for any outfit, night out or occasion. They will really complete your look and give make you look even more amazing! If you’ve changed your hair colour to a fabulous blonde, beautiful brown, black, purple, etc it’s great to have an eye colour suits your hair style. . They come in blue, violet, green, hazel, aqua, grey so you can find the colour that suits you best. All of our fashion lenses look natural and beautiful, especially our 3 tone lenses. They can be worn by both men and women to enhance your eyes. Many of our customers also wear our fashion lenses for general wear to change their eye colour. No-one will realise that you're wearing cosmetic contact lenses because they look so natural. Enhance your eyes by getting some brilliant lenses today!

Crazy Coloured Contact Lenses

Looking for something a bit different? For a party or just a freaky style? Our crazy contact lenses are perfect for you then! They include the wild eye lenses, screen lenses, terminator lenses and block colour lenses. All of these are freaky and will have a big impact! Be prepared to be asked where you got your brilliant lenses from as your friends will love them! They can be perfect for costumes too, especially on Halloween. If you’re off to a party don’t miss out on this vital eye accessory.